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Even angels have their wicked schemes

Amory Vitarelli
Seventeen years old & hating every minute

My twin is better than yours♥


I can see it in your face || Klaus&Am



It had been two whole years since Am had seen Klaus, and a lot had happened. However, it was so easy to remember her relationship with him. The fact that he was the reason she was sent to Disney Prep. Amory truly loved him when they were together, and she always hoped that he loved her. She assumed he did when he proposed for them to run away and get married as a young age. She was only a sophomore in high school and he a senior. It only took her mother finding out about the plan to throw the girl into Disney Prep. 

So now they were in Berlin, exactly where Klaus had moved after he graduated. 

Ready for her night, Am made her way through the hotel to outside where, just like he said, Klaus was waiting, leaning against his car. “Nice ride,” she commented, a small grin on her lips as she walked over to him, giving a quick hug to which Klaus kissed her cheek. Getting inside the car, Am looked over to Klaus who was settling inside the car and starting the vehicle up to begin driving towards the restaurant. 

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